ModISC Seminars

The monthly ModISC seminars will focus on the individual progress of doctoral research projects and on ensuring a common level of interdisciplinary understanding. For synchronizing the varying background knowledge of the PhD students introductory tutorials will be given during the first year about the faculty topics: Quatum chemicistry, Spectroscopy, Preparative fundamentals and Principles of device fabrication and optimization. During the second and third year, the sessions will start with tutorials and or inputs on scientific problems arising either from current literature or the ModISC doctoral research projects. The seminars will be combined with the progress reports of the doctoral students. The seminars will conclude with a suitable topic lecture by an external guest.

Summer Semester 2020

Date Topic External Guest

21./22.04.20 - postponed

Experimental Spectroscopy (P. Gilch)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Domcke (TU München) - Guest talk was cancelled

19./20.05.20 - postponed

Chromophore Chemistry (T.J.J. Müller, C. Ganter) Prof. Dr. Andreas Steffen (TU Dortmund)


Theory and Computation (C. Marian, M. Kleinschmidt, O. Weingart) Prof. Dr. Denis Jacquemin (Université de Nantes)


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