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Porous Organic Compounds on the Cover of European Journal of Organic Chemistry

Our review article focuses on smaller porous organic cages and other porous organic compounds, such as trianglimines and cyclobenzoins. Control over the intrinsic nanopore by organic synthesis and the gas sorption properties of smaller intrinsic pores showcase why size does matter and why small is the new big. The review will be featured on the front cover of the upcmoing issue of the European Journal of Organic Chemistry. 
The graphic was created by Tom Kunde and shows the diversity of porous organic compounds with small pores but high functionality.

T. Kunde,+ T. Pausch,+ B. M. Schmidt, Porous Organic Compounds – Small Pores on the Rise,  Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2021 for the review article, click here

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