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Absolvent*innenfeier Mai 2023 alle Studierende

Absolvent*innenfeier Mai 2023 Biochemie

Absolvent*innenfeier Mai 2023 Chemie und Wirtschaftschemie

Die Dozierenden der Chemie

Die Dozierenden der Chemie

Microsoft Office

The software package Microsoft Office is available for students (Office 365 ProPlus) and memebers of the stuff (Office Profession Plus 2019) at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität free of charge.


Students have to register at https://bildung365.de/  (5 €/year). Detailed information are available at:

https://wiki.hhu.de/display/Software/Microsoft+Office+365+Pro+Plus (German Only)


Coworker have to register at  Asknet




In order to use Microsoft office you have to register with Asknet.



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